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With only about 500 miles to Jerusalem, which we will easily travel during Holy Week, we thank you for your participation and wish you a very blessed Easter!

Miles this past week
Walking Miles: 762
Prayer Miles: 484
Total Miles Traveled: 1,246
Total Cumulative Miles: 7,395

We crossed the border into Egypt and have stopped in Alexandria! The city of Alexandria was founded as a naval base and trade center by Alexander the Great, the Greek conqueror, when he conquered ancient Egypt in 332 BCE. For hundreds of years, it was Egypt’s capital. Today it is the country’s main seaport on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea northwest of Cairo. Alexandria has stone structures that date back to when the city was part of the Roman Empire. They include an amphitheater and Pompey’s Pillar, which was built in 297 CE, as well as ancient tombs called catacombs. At one time, Alexandria became the most important city in the world. Greek scholars and scientists went there to study in its great library. The Pharos, a lighthouse built in Alexandria’s harbor, was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
In celebration of our journey and the Easter season, we will take a sensory walk in the Missouri Botanical Garden on Wednesday, April 12 th at 9:30 am. This guided walk will be led by Therapeutic Horticulturist, Jeanne Carbone. Free to attend. 20 spaces are available, please call 314-647-4591 or email to reserve your spot. Optional lunch at Sassafras Café inside the garden following our walk. You do not need to have participated in the Walk to Jerusalem to attend. Tune in next week for our final report!