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We have traveled far once again this week on our Lenten journey! 

Miles this past week
Walking Miles: 781
Prayer Miles: 508
Total Miles Traveled: 1,289
Total Cumulative Miles: 4,936

With average temperatures in the mid-50s, we hit the ground walking from the Casablanca Airport and journeyed to Oujda (pronounced oodj’-da), a major Moroccan city near the border with Algeria. Oujda has a population of about 558,000 people. It is located south of the Beni Znassen Mountains and about 34 miles south of the Mediterranean Sea coast. It rarely snows in the winter; the last snowfall was in February 2012. Weather in Oujda is cool but still tepid and wet in winter, hot and dry in summer. The old city is in the center of town and maintains traditional features of the Moroccan architecture with its narrow, winding alleys that lead to the houses and markets such as the jewelry market and the leather market. The Grand Mosque of Oujda is one of its historically most important mosques. Great job on tracking and reporting your mileage weekly!