Thanks to Timothy Council members for their faithful participation in responding to the variety of matters that come to their attention.  At their July 13 meeting, the Council discussed the following items, as well as had initial discussions on a variety of other issues.•         

The mid-year review of Timothy’s budget confirmed that our finances are in good shape, both in terms of expenses and revenue.  Therefore, a mid-year Voters Assembly is not necessary to approve budget revisions.•         

Management of Timothy’s church and school properties has been led by Greg Poppitz, who has developed a long term plan for facilities expenses. This summer, Tim O’Neill has invested a great deal of time doing a variety of fix-up activities, particularly for the pre-school building.  The Council thanks Tim for his generous sharing of time and talent.•         

Pastor Dinger reported that a fourth-year Seminary student has agreed to serve part-time as part of Timothy’s pastoral leadership team.  He will assist with Monday evening worship, some of the outreach work with the institutional communities that we serve, and some pastoral care.  He will join us in early August, so that he will have some overlap with Pastor Wilson.•         

Pastor Dinger reported on the initial meeting of the focus group charged with thinking about future leadership staffing.  The general agreement was that Timothy needs someone who can lead the musical aspects of our worship, bringing consistency, vibrancy, and a multicultural perspective to our worship.  A position description is being drafted for this position, which will not be fulltime.•         

Hannah Loum, who share one council position with her husband, Dr. John Loum, has resigned from the Council, and John has agreed to serve as a fulltime council member, since his international travel is more limited now.