Dear Timothy Family,
     As you probably know, we are back in the U.S. now!  We wanted to thank you again for the support that you provide while we are in PNG.  We took $1,000 from the PNG account at Timothy (to which many of you contribute) and used that money in the following ways:
     1.  buying foam mattresses and blankets for the Seminary students from lower altitudes as they have no need for warm blanket in their areas, but our station gets down in the 40s!
     2. supplying minutes for cell phones so that students can contact families who may be struggling with tribal fighting or other issues.
     3. contributing to the cost of a coffin for a student who was killed in the tribal fight.
     4. supplying solar lights for students since the PNG power has blackouts that last for weeks.
     5. buying school supplies for the Seminary and some Lutheran agency schools.
     6. helping students with bus fares to visit the doctor and dentist, and also the fees for the medical visits.
     7. buying material for the women to make altar cloths for new congregations.
These are just a few of the specific situations where contributions were used, but there were many times when we were able to purchase medicines, bus fares for pastors and evangelists, and tuition aid among others.  Your help is very much appreciated.
Pastor Ron and Mary Anne