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Timothy’s “WOMEN IN MISSION” invites you to stop by the gym after worship for coffee, donuts, and other light bites, while they last, and view the vintage group portraits of the founding members of the national Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML).     

As our 80th LWML Anniversary Year draws to a close, we invite y’all to celebrate by signing our WIM celebratory banner.  Through the filling of MITE Boxes with spare coins, (yes, the old-fashioned way of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters!), LWML has supported worldwide humanitarian and Church-related missions with over $100 million these past 80 years! Join in with Timothy’s “Women In Mission” volunteers to continue this LWML tradition while having fun along the way! To find more about our volunteer activities and start-up of other LWML groups here at Timothy, sign-up at the photo display table.     

We are proud of what our Timothy women’s LWML groups accomplished over these past 8 decades which contributed towards that $100 million.  If you have any old vintage photos of former Timothy women’s groups please give them to the Timothy church office.