At the August 10, 2021 Council meeting the following actions were taken and information shared.


1.     The Fyler house has been sold (as is) and the LCEF loan repaid.  The property sold for more than expected, and the net profit from the sale will be approximately $30,000.  Many thanks to Ed Ewertowski for his management of that effort.  The purchaser is from the neighborhood, and Pastor Dinger has met with him.

2.     The Council approved a capital investment of about $8000 to install a cleaning system for the boiler piping system and make minor repairs to that system.  This will improve the efficiency of the boiler and increase the life of the system.  The funds for this project will be taken from the excess funds transferred from savings to fund the roof repair, since designated funds were available to help cover the cost of the roof replacement project.

3.     The Council agreed to recommend to the Voters Assembly that a fulltime position of Director of Music and Worship be added to the leadership team of Timothy.  The Voters Assembly to consider that recommendation will be held on Sunday, September 19 at 12:15 pm via Zoom and more information will be provided before that meeting.  This recommendation comes from the special study group that has been looking at Timothy’s future ministry and was approved by the Elders.