Confirmation Classes begin in September - with an informational meeting for parents and 7th & 8th Graders.  More information will come by mail in the next week. 

Lunch The 12:30pm start time should give students an opportunity to eat a packed lunch or quickly get one before our start time.  Bubba's Deli is conveniently just over a block away.  

Materials Please bring your catechism, Bible, and writing utensils.  A binder will be provided for 7th grade new confirmation students and any 8th grader who cannot find their confirmation binder from last year.  8th graders, bring your Confirmation Workbook.  7th Graders will get one in class.  

Schedule We will be done by 2:00pm so please plan for rides home if parents are not staying.  Our dates are as follows, but please keep in mind the actual class session could shift based on any cancellations, unit rearranging, etc.    

Class Sessions Dates  (Dates subject to change as needed)

Class dates are being determined at this time...