Confirmation Classes begin Sunday, September 26

Meeting in the Mutli-Purpose Room (basement of Sanctuary) at 12:30pm.  

Lunch The 12:30pm start time should give students an opportunity to eat a packed lunch or quickly get one before our start time.  Bubba's Deli is conveniently just over a block away.  

Masks Masks should be worn inside the building and classrooms at all times.  If you are eating at church, we encourage you to eat lunch outside (such as in the peace garden) or spread out in the gym.  Please do not eat lunch or snacks during class as that means masks will not be in place while you are eating.  

Materials Please bring your catechism, Bible, and writing utensils.  A binder will be provided for 7th grade new confirmation students and any 8th grader who cannot find their confirmation binder from last year.  8th graders, bring your Confirmation Workbook.  7th Graders will get one in class.  

Schedule We will be done by 2:00pm so please plan for rides home if parents are not staying.  Our dates are as follows, but please keep in mind the actual class session could shift based on any cancellations, unit rearranging, etc.    

Class Sessions Dates  (Dates subject to change as needed)

Sept 26 - Ten Commandments Unit, Session 1
Oct 10 - TC, Session 2
Oct 17 - TC, Session 3
Oct 24 - TC, Session 4
Oct 31 - TC, Session 5
Class Nov 14 - The Lord's Prayer, Session 1
Dec 5 - TLP, Session 2
Dec 19 - TLP, Session 3 
Jan 9 - TLP, Session 4
Jan 23 - Old Testament, Session 1
Jan 30 - OT, Session 2
Feb 6 - OT, Session 3
Feb 13 - OT, Session 4
Feb 27 - OT, Session 5
Mar 6 - Church History, Session 1
Mar 27 - CH, Session 2
Apr 3 - CH, Session 3
Apr 10 - CH, Session 4
April 24 - Confirmation Session as needed
May 1 - Confirmation Session as needed
May 8- Confirmation Session as needed
May 15 - Confirmation Session as needed
May 22 - Exam or Retreat
May 29 - Exam or Retreat
June 5   - Confirmation Sunday (Pentecost)  

Zoom Video Conference - No YouTube Just a reminder we have decided not to have our classes uploaded to YouTube because non-live class attendance did not work well in the past.  If you cannot attend in person please let DCEMark know and he will send you the Zoom link.  Students should be active and participating as much as possible on Zoom the whole session (12:30-2:00pm).