Thank you for your Generosity
Generosity is our joy not only as individuals, but as a church. We steward what God entrusts to us by sowing into local and global organizations we trust and respect. This includes efforts to meet practical needs in our city, the church around the world, and high quality education in our Lutheran schools.

God is never after our money - He is after our heart. Once we give Him our heart, money isn't such a big deal. We believe that He wants to bless you in every way, not so that you can have more money than you can spend, but so that you will always have money to give. All of us have experienced seeing a need and feeling the regret of empty pockets. Our prayer for you is that your pockets would always be full in order that you can be able to fully give. 

Giving is simply our response to knowing a good and loving God

Thank you for generously giving your resources to partner with us in your generosity to share the life changing Good News of Jesus from our neighborhood to the nations.

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