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Respite providers are hired by the families to interact with the participant in various ways so the primary caregiver can manage their stress. Respite can include taking the individual out in the community or to medical appointments, sitting with the individual in their home, working on social and/or daily living skills, or just being a companion, along with other things. The rates of pay can vary as each individual family decides how much they will pay the provider. Providers are considered independent contractors and are NOT employees of the St. Louis Arc, however we do maintain a provider list for families to use. Most families have regular providers, but there are times their regular provider is unavailable or, what is becoming more common, new families have no other family or friends in the community and therefore need resources to help them locate a provider.     

If anyone is interested, they can reach out to Alysen Dishner at, and I can get them added to the list of providers.