You are not alone in planning and preparing meals for one or two. As the number of one and two-person households have been rapidly growing more people are finding themselves cooking alone. Healthy eating is an important part of successful aging. Research has found that nutrition is often neglected by those who live alone even though it is a strong factor in both physical health and overall wellness. Many people report feeling like it isn’t worth the trouble to cook for one.Join Lindenwood Area Senior Ministry on Tuesday, July 12th at 1pm to learn some tips and tricks to make cooking for 1 or 2 easier and more fun! Jenny Williams is an occupational therapist who works with older adults to help them find simple solutions to make their day-to-day activities easier. This workshop will include tips and tricks to simplify meal preparation, simple nutritious recipes, meal planning guides, and creating relaxing mealtime routines. We will gather in Memorial Hall of Southwest Baptist Church (6401 Scanlan). Please RSVP to Jan Holmes at 314-644-4299.