Dear Timothy Family,     

We are in Bangkok on our way home now and I just wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful support of the God’s work in PNG!  During our last week, we had a pastors’ Inservice attended by more than 170 pastors and evangelists. For some, it was the first continuing education course they had experienced. They were so excited to meet with all the other pastors as a group, to talk about current concerns in the Gutnius Lutheran Church. Your support helped with food (sweet potatoes and rice) and transportation costs to bring in pastors from remote areas. We were also able to supply solar lights for the pastors from the Hewa—the most remote area.     

It’s difficult to explain how much your support—particularly in prayer—means to us. Thank you! We look forward to sharing more when we get back. Right now we’re just loving being with our youngest grandchild, Raya, in Thailand. She’s one and a half and so sweet! See you all next week, God willing. Love and our prayers,    

                         -Pastor Ron and Mary Anne