Timothy's Church Council met on Tuesday 10/11. Pastor Dinger reported on upcoming events, including special Reformation and Christmas music. He has prepared a first draft of the 2023 budget, which will be reviewed by a budget committee consisting of Holly Feldman, Peter Oschwald, and Greg Poppitz.     

We discussed the need for candidates for both Church Council and Word of Life School Board. If you are interested in serving, please speak with Pastor Dinger or Margaret Rall.     

Marla Steenbock and Tiffany Wohlstadter updated the council on planning for the Weinachtsmarkt to be held Saturday, December 3rd.     

Steve Meyer reported on the Circuit Forum, which he and Pastor Dinger attended September 25th, in order to determine our delegates and alternates for the synodical convention in Milwaukee next July.      

Over the winter, there will be a process for nominating candidates and then electing the synodical president in advance of the convention.     

The Council also approved an HVAC maintenance contract.     

The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 8th at 6:30pm, and all are welcome to attend.