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Having grown up on the Gulf Coast I have seen my share of hurricanes.  Some scared you to death and others seemed to be little more than some excessive rain.  But one thing I have learned is to take any hurricane seriously.  The chaotic weather that we on the East Coast have experienced recently is a bleak reminder of the destructive nature of nature.  And it is a reminder that this world is fallen and corrupted and sin still destroys.

Yet, there is another reminder for us - a rainbow.  Rainbows are more than pretty colors in the sky after a storm.  More than a symbol of pride.  Rainbows are a reminder of God’s sure promise to the whole creation that He will not destroy the world by flood ever again. 

The rainbow appears in the sky whether you want it to or not.  Nothing you do can make it shine.  It is wholly God’s work, a reminder that He has put down the bow, the punishment and remembers His promise to hold you when you were baptized into His name.  Nothing you did made God make that promise - but He remembers it still the same.